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Manufacturers worldwide are getting excited about the modularity of the new acubez™ platform. With numerous possibilities, you can choose which modular configuration, cubes, and add-ons are best for your configuration. The goal is simple: automate today with exactly the solution you need, while leaving the option to scale or tune your manufacturing automation in the future.   The acubez™ platform comes with a large variety of modular plug and play cubes and dozens of add-ons allowing you to combine different configurations that fit unique job requirements, available floorspace, and budget.    To pick the configuration that is right for your manufacturing needs, our experts will consider your type of manufacturing and application, your typical capacity, parts size, and shape, and your available floor space for automation. 

Agie Charmille + GF+

click here to enter site Profile of GF Machining Solutions GF Machining Solutions is the world’s leading provider of machine tools, diverse technical solutions and services to manufacturers of precision molds and tooling and of tight-tolerance, precision-machined components. The key segments we serve include the aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, information and communications technology (ICT) and […]

Anton Wimmer

click here to enter site Anton and Brigitte Wimmer founded the business in Forstinning in the year 1974, initially as tool grinders for all norm tools and special solutions. For the first process operating,  Anton and Brigitte Wimmer designed a machine  which can cut hard metal  parts to a desired length. More than 500 of […]


click here to enter site DIPROTEX® has become an international benchmark for success because of our ability to quickly adapt to the changing market and diverse needs of customers, and by leading the way in applying the most advanced technology for industrial CBN and Diamond products. Since 1968, DIPROTEX® has been able to greatly expand […]


click here to enter site THE NEW LOOK OF PERFORMANCE High-performance turning/milling centres The world of EMCO is made up of many worlds. What do these worlds have in common? High standards, openness to innovation and the willingness to go the extra mile for exceptional solutions. The combination of these values makes it possible to […]


click here to enter site We develop clamping technologies, produce clamping devices, grinding wheel adapters, and accessories suitable for tool grinding machines. These are spindle and taper sleeves for external grinding machines, as well as grinding mandrels and more for internal cylindrical grinding machines. Moreover, we manufacture balancing and dressing components for grinding wheels, plus […]


click here to enter site Many say that Hermle builds the best machines in the world Those who reach the leading-edge of the industry know there is a level of demand that exists. At Hermle, we provide true 5-axis milling and best-in-class service, which we believe is paramount for your success. Reasons why to use Hermle […]


click here to enter site IBARMIA, industrial knowledge and commitment with customers, people and environment. IBARMIA is a family owned machine tool company that provides specific solutions with high added value. IBARMIA is constantly improving the designs, product range and services related to the machine. This is how it is possible to offer exactly what the customers need […]


click here to enter site The Mollart Group of Companies The Mollart Engineering group of companies is a precision mechanical engineering business with an international reputation in the pioneering development and building of deep hole drilling machine tools, tooling, including gundrills, deep hole boring and bore finishing. It also has a high level of expertise […]


click here to enter site Special clamping devices by Nann: For demanding tasks Some machining tasks can only be solved by specially developed and manufactured clamping devices. Clamping devices engineering has always been the centrepiece off our company; therefore, Nann offers you experience and expertise to meet these kinds of challenges. Expert advice, state-of-the-art design and […]


click here to enter site All types of Nomura CNC Automatic Lathes use a headstock which moves during fabrication. These are often referred to as Swiss-Type Precision Automatic Lathes. The main spindle tip grips the workpiece with a collet chuck, and the headstock moves axially, receiving the guide bushing located in the center of the tool […]

Or Victor

click here to enter site Founded in 1954, Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd . started with making conventional lathes in Taiwan and now steadily supplies CNC lathes and machining centers by devoting her management to non-stop R&D and innovations. With more than 65% in-house manufacturing and her own foundry to offer highly reliable Meehanite® castings […]


click here to enter site Grinding and polishing systems made in Germany OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH was founded in 1996 in Straubenhardt near Pforzheim in the Southern German state of Baden-Württemberg. Over the past 20 years, OTEC has grown from a small manufacturer of polishing machines for the local jewelry and watchmaking industry to become a […]


click here to enter site Established in 1926, we at PAMA have made a strong name for ourselves throughout the world thanks to a combination of our tradition and the technological excellence of our products; at present these are predominantly: • SPEEDMAT HP – multitasking machining centers • SPEEDMILL – floor type horizontal milling machines […]


With a global install base exceeding 500,000 industrial robotic arms, YASKAWA MOTOMAN has over 150 robot models currently in production. Each Motoman robot model is compatible with one or more robot controller models, enabling you to program and control tasks of a single robot or coordinate multiple robot arms. YASKAWA in Israel has a Technological Robotic and Motion Control Center, aimed to expose and simplify robotics technologies within the Israeli Industry. The company invites potential customers as well as the Industrial sector to a free of charge professional workshops; pre-reservations workshop coordination is available at the events page. YASKAWA delivers a wide range of robotic solutions for virtually every industrial application where customers demand lower production costs, improved quality or need to address labor issues. YASKAWA’s range of MOTOMAN robotic products are the result of our genuine knowledge and intense development. As such they are highly innovative products and represent the latest in robot automation technology, with over 460,000 Industrial robots in production lines.